Gabe Kompkoff


Chugach Alaska Corporation

Gabriel Kompkoff, CEO of Chugach Alaska Corporation, is responsible for the performance of the Chugach group of companies and investments. In addition, he establishes the organization’s growth strategy and is responsible for the pursuit and acquisition of businesses and investments. Kompkoff is also Interim President of Chugach Commercial Holdings and served as a director on Chugach’s board from October 2010 to December 2011.

Prior to joining Chugach, he held a vice president position at Bentall Kennedy, a 100-year-old investment advisor to U.S. and Canadian public, corporate and retirement systems, as well as major university endowments and sovereign wealth funds. At the time of his departure, Bentall Kennedy managed assets totaling $23 billion for more than 400 clients.

Kompkoff is passionate about helping build stronger communities as demonstrated by his years of work with local community development organizations in Seattle and at Chugachmuit here in Alaska. His varied projects span a wide range including an inner city nature trail, youth leadership kayak camps, to assisting former inmates as they adjust to life outside prison.

Kompkoff earned a bachelors and masters degree from the University of Washington where he was honored with the Enterprise Fellowship. He was born in Cordova, Alaska and spent his youth commercial fishing with his parents in Prince William Sound. He and his wife Laura have two children.