Andrew Guy

President & CEO
Calista Corporation

Andrew Guy currently serves as President/CEO of Calista Corporation. He was born and raised in Napaskiak, a small village six miles downriver from Bethel. Guy grew up speaking Yup’ik as a first language and English as a second. His extended family still continues to live in Napaskiak and surrounding villages.

He left Napaskiak to pursue higher education at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where he received a BBA in business administration. Guy then received a law degree at the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder, CO.

As a Calista intern in 1984, Guy first worked in the insurance brokerage industry and upon graduating with Calista Professional Services in the planning department doing research and financial analyses. Guy continued his career as a law clerk with the Native American Rights Fund. After returning to Calista, his service has been in a number of capacities, including director and chairman on the Calista Board and vice president of Yulista Management Services. Guy joined Calista’s executive team as General Counsel involving him in the Corporation’s contract negotiations and business enterprises. In October 2010 he was promoted by the Board to president and CEO.

Guy’s goals are to achieve the company’s five strategic goals through increasing revenue, moving operations steadily forward and protecting the assets of Calista Shareholders.

Calista was founded in 1972 and is one of the largest Alaska Native regional corporations. It does business in dozens of states with occasional international work, with professionals supporting customers to achieve their goals with award-winning advertising, planning, design, construction, operations, telecommunications and a wide range of services. For more information visit